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Operational Excellence is described on countless websites, but it often remains at the level of general principles. Wevalgo has defined an Operational Excellence model with concrete practices. That's why it truly allows you to measure your level of Operational Excellence...and therefore to achieve Excellence.

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is the pitch perfect execution of your business strategy. It includes putting systems in place that allow you to adapt and improve this strategy as your market continues to evolve.

To put it another way, you execute your business strategy more consistently and more reliably than your competitors. At that point, it doesn't matter how many competitors you're facing or how much money they have.

Why try to outspend someone when you can just outperform them instead?

However, strategy definition and implementation is more than a one-sided thought process towards the operations of a company.

Operations must also be positioned in a way that provides actionable, insightful information that itself feeds directly back into the strategy definition itself. Strategy and operations are both sides of the same coin. They feed off and empower one another. That allows them to become something far more powerful than either could be on its own. However, most definitions of Operational Excellence focus exclusively on the "execution" of the business strategy. We believe that is a mistake. So we also include strategy definition and improvement in our Operational Excellence model.

Why is Operational Excellence important?

Operational Excellence is absolutely critical as a staggering 67% of well-formulated strategies still fail due to poor execution, according to a study published in 2017 in the Harvard Business Review.


Wevalgo Operational Excellence Model

A Practical Model to begin your improvement roadmap

Our Operational Excellence model will serve as a framework for developing a roadmap for performance improvement within your organization. It also gives you the means to measure progress. Our model is concrete with 100 unique Operational Excellence criteria. It is designed to allow any manager to assess the level of maturity of his or her organization before deciding whether or not to hire consultants.

These criteria are based on years of observation of all best practices. They have been defined and implemented through management consulting experience with countless organizations and managers.

Assessing a company's level of Operational Excellence using our model is a perfect starting point. It allows you to clearly identify the areas that require further development. In addition, our operational excellence model helps employees understand the challenges of progress. This is essential for them to buy into the resulting improvement plans. 

A Human Model before all else

We believe that Operational Excellence is nothing if not human. It should not focus on processes, organisation or performance indicators, even if each of these elements is important.

Operational Excellence model

An organization can put in place the best processes and systems. But all of this will be almost useless if the "organism" is not alive. If everything is not connected and not actually used by the people in the organization, operational excellence is not only difficult. It is impossible.

For this reason, we think of Operational Excellence model as a human body. The strategy is its eyes, indicating where to go. The people and the Leadership of the company are the heart, giving energy to the whole body. The management system is the brain and nervous system, making decisions and transmitting information.

The organisation itself is the skeleton, providing a solid and coherent structure. The processes and methods are the arms, doing the necessary work. Finally, improvement and innovation are the legs, enabling progress and advancement.


Wevalgo Operational Excellence Model pillars

Operational Excellence Model pillar 1: Strategy

The very first step in the Operational Excellence model is the strategy pillar. By definition it refers to the execution of everything that follows. The key criteria in our model focus on the characteristics of the strategy that facilitate its implementation and the willingness of people to buy into it.

This includes the way the vision, mission and strategy are defined and formulated. This also includes the strategy implementation in and of itself and how agile it is within the context of the system.

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Operational Excellence Model pillar 2: Process management

Excellent processes are key building blocks of the Operational Excellence model. These include your processes, procedures, methods, tools and templates.

However, unlike many others, we do NOT believe that Operational Excellence is process-centered. Instead, it must be people-centered to be successful. Yes, all processes must be defined, measured and optimized... but if they're not perfectly adopted by your people, everything will have been for nothing.

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process performance

Operational Excellence Model pillar 3: Performance management

The third pillar of the Operational Excellence model is performance management. It consists of cascading the strategy into operational objectives and indicators across the organisation and its processes. Its objective is to enable management to make the best possible decisions and actions. This includes data collection, indicators and dashboards, meetings and managerial routines..

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Operational Excellence Model pillar 4: Improvement

The pillar of improvement and innovation ensures that your organization is actually improving and better than your competitors. This is directly tied into daily operations problem solving, continuous improvement best practices, a structured improvement plan and more. It all comes together to create the right system to both innovate and share knowledge with all involved.

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Innovation excellence

Operational Excellence Model pillar 5: Organisation

As the skeleton of Operational Excellence, the organisation itself is a very structuring and visible element that MUST be defined carefully. In other words, to make it work efficiently, you have to enable it to "come alive." The importance of this, too, is something that cannot be overstated.

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Operational Excellence Model pillar 6: Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the final pillar of our Operational Excellence model. But it is the most important. Employee engagement excellence is truly the center of Operational Excellence. It is the metaphorical heart of it all, after all. Leadership will need to define the right operational model. But you must first engage your workforce. Ultimately, that is the way the employees not only use the model but make it successful in the long-term.

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And now?

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Guest - Márcio Matandos on Saturday, 09 October 2021 18:39

Very interesting model.

I really like the way it has been laid out.

Thanks for posting publicly.

Very interesting model. I really like the way it has been laid out. Thanks for posting publicly.
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